Kiel Marketplace

The event series "Kiel Marketplace" supports networking between science and industry and offers a forum for information exchange on current topics. The target audience comprises scientists from the Cluster of Excellence, representatives from companies in the Maritime Cluster Schleswig-Holstein and from politics. The Marketplace is organised jointly with the Maritime Cluster Schleswig-Holstein.


The 21st Kieler Marktplatz will take place at the end of April / beginning of May 2019. Theme of the event is: "Green hydrogen in the tank - the ship propulsion of the future"

In addition to the production of green hydrogen, the storage and marine applications will be discussed with speakers from industry and science this afternoon.

By "green hydrogen" is meant hydrogen, which is produced by means of electrolysis of water (with the help of electricity, water is split into its constituents hydrogen and oxygen) with electricity from renewable energies or hydrogen from biomass. The CO2 reduction in the processes for the production of hydrogen from biomass must be demonstrated in comparison to the hydrogen production from natural gas reforming. "Sektorenkopplung" offers Schleswig-Holstein the opportunity to store wind power surpluses on the spot and to feed them into use.