Trade Fair Marketing – Presenting your own technologies

Trade shows and conferences are important forums for transferring knowledge and technology from science to industry. They support network expansion and technology transfer.


The program "Trade Fair Marketing" is aimed primarily at young scientists, PhD students and postdocs of the Cluster of Excellence. The participants are given the opportunity to present self-developed technologies and new scientific results at national and international trade fairs with a strong industry connection (see Trade Fair schedule). First contacts to companies can be established which significantly support and simplify a future professional entry into a company. Personal skills in presenting scientific findings can be improved. Through these contacts interchange between science and business is encouraged, personal networks expanded and a basis for possible future collaborations is created.

The program takes place generally 1-2 times a year. The cluster team supports the participants personally and financially in the organization and implementation of the event.
The program is offered by the Knowledge and Technology Transfer in the Cluster of Excellence.

Trade Fair Activities: