Trade Fair Mentoring - The joint trade fair visit

Trade Fairs provide information about manufacturers, market trends and new products. They also provide an excellent opportunity to get in touch with industry partners and maintain and expand one’s own network. This is especially relevant for early career scientists, whom personal contacts greatly simplify a career in business or industry.


With the Trade Fair Mentoring program we enable scientists of the Cluster "The Future Ocean" and ISOS participants to visit national or international exhibitions. Industrial Trade Fairs differ fundamentally from scientific conferences, which often have only a small industry exhibition. For the transfer of knowledge and continuing training, industrial exhibitions provide an important contribution. They enable insights into the world of equipment manufacturers, market developments and future trends and challenges. Exchange between science and business/industry is mutually beneficial. To advance this dialogue, we carry out trade fair mentoring in collaboration with industry representatives. Therefore, we look for thematically matching exhibitors in advance to assist the scientist and give those insights into the "industrial world" during a joint tour of the trade fair.

How does Trade Fair Mentoring work?

  • Participation is open to all doctoral students enrolled in ISOS and members of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean".
  • Which trade fairs? Any fairs at which the Cluster of Excellence has a booth can be visited as well as fairs, which are mentioned in the exhibition plan (s. Fair Plan). However, other trade fairs can also be proposed by the scientist and after evaluation and approval, be included in the program.
  • After approval the travel costs will be covered by the Cluster of Excellence (according to the Federal Travel Expenses Act)

The application (application form) for participation in the Trade-Fair Mentoring program should be sent to:

Dr. Wiebke Müller-Lupp, Tel. 0431-880-4308

Intergrated School of Ocean Science (ISOS) Participants can contact Dr. Wiebke Basse for more information, Tel. 431 880-1559