IMAP Retreat 2013

IMAP Retreat 2013 – 16/17 May 2013, Guesthouse Samain, Loose

One third of the IMAP members and the IMAP coordinator took part in the IMAP retreat in Loose in May 2013. After arrival in Loose the retreat started with short introductions from the participants. IMAP coordinator Gesche Braker then reported on the development of IMAP since September 2012, on measures for career support, and strategic issues related to improving postdoctoral status in Germany.


This was followed by a scientific session which included a two minute elevator pitch talk and a poster presentation where half of the participants introduced and explained their research.

After lunch break the retreat continued with a discussion in World Café format to discuss four main topics:

1. Gender/Diversity/Family (life) work balance

  • Are you aware of gender bias, do you think your male colleagues/bosses are aware
  • Which measures would you consider effective for improving/achieving gender equality
  • How to plan your own career effectively (considering potential gender bias, dual career, geographical separation)
  • How to organize your work effectively
  • Are there measures available to support family friendliness, work-life balance?

2. Future employment models

  • How would you envision your ideal position?
  • What should positions in the German ‘Mittelbau’ look like?
  • How should more experienced scientists working on temporary contracts be referred to (e.g. senior scientists?)?

3. Career development

  • What do I think I personally need for my career development?
  • What is your career goal?
  • Do you think that your career goal is realistic?
  • What would be the preconditions for a successful academic career?
  • Do you think you need to sacrifice something for an academic career and if so what?
  • Which measures should Future Ocean offer to promote individual careers?

4. Networking/individual visibility

  • How can I increase my own visibility in the community?
  • How can I get involved with networks, how does this promote my career and how can I get there?

After the discussion all participants went to visit a stone-age grave and for a walk on the Baltic coast.

After dinner Ruth Kamm (Coordinator for Gender Measures in the Cluster), Ralph Schneider and Martin Visbeck (Co-Speakers of the Cluster) joined for a joint discussion of the World Café topics. The lively discussion ended after midnight.

Day 2 started with a second scientific session (2 min. elevator pitch talk & poster session) where the second half of the participants presented their projects.

The retreat ended with a general discussion and with the IMAP coordinator presenting support and funding options to postdocs within ‘Future Ocean’.