IMAP Retreat 2011

On Friday and Saturday the 14/15th October 2011 the Interdisciplinary Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP) of the Future Ocean Cluster had its first retreat in the Guesthouse Samain. The ten participants discussed the present and future status of IMAP and other postdoc related topics and presented their own projects in short talks followed by fruitful, lengthy discussions.


In the evening Martin Visbeck joined the postdocs and the group launched into an exciting evening with interesting discussions. On Saturday morning Emanuel Soeding and Nancy Smith of the cluster office also arrived in Samain. Martin Visbeck gave a short overview of the status and future of the Cluster. The main part of the morning was used to discuss topics of IMAP features, funding and administration. The retreat greatly improved the networking within the Postdoc group and developed the Network itself. Hopefully the successful outcome of the retreat will motivate more Postdocs to participate in the meeting next time.


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