23. September 2015 IMAP members at the 3rd Research Alumni Conference

Three IMAP members holding international passports accompanied by Research Alumni Advisors Nancy Smith (Internationalization) and Gesche Braker (IMAP Coordinator) took part in the 3rd Research Alumni Conference in Berlin (September 23-25).


The latest Research Alumni Conference hosted by the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation closed the Research Alumni Strategies campaign (2011-2015) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and administered by the AvH Foundation. With the strategies campaign the AvH Foundation has opened a new focus in alumni work by specifically targeting research alumni and promoting research alumni activities at universities and research institutions in Germany. Research alumni are international scientists and scholars who have spent time working on research in Germany as doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers or at a more advanced career stage before continuing their academic careers in other countries. Kiel University, with its strategy focusing on the marine sciences, was one of the winners in the call for Research Alumni Strategies in 2013. The strategy, administered by the ‘Future Ocean’, emphasized network building between existing Kiel marine science alumni abroad and potential future alumni from the international IMAP community. The AvH Foundation organized several conferences to inform potential future research alumni of funding opportunities for research in Germany in order to keep in touch. Research alumni are ideal multipliers who can inform junior researchers in their specialist networks about the opportunities and potential for a research stay in Germany, and spark their enthusiasm. Workshops to facilitate an exchange of ideas between research alumni advisors on a regular basis complemented the conferences.


Gesche Braker, gbraker@uv.uni-kiel.de

Nancy Smith, nsmith@uv.uni-kiel.de