25. February 2015 Daimler and Benz-Foundation awards postdoc scholarship to Nina Keul

The highly competitive call for Postdoc Scholarships of the Daimler und Benz-Foundation attracted 160 project proposals of which the 12 best were funded. Nina Keul succeeded to secure additional funding for her project within the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Future Ocean’.


Nina studies the effect of Climate Change on pteropods with a special focus on the potential to use pteropods as proxies for CO2 and temperature. The scholarship allows Nina to conduct additional measurements: She will measure the stable oxygen isotopic composition of pteropod shells, a well-established method for temperature reconstructions. Samples will be from the tropics, where pteropods are highly abundant and from the high latitudes, where changes in temperature and CO2 have profound effects. A combination of sediments trap samples and net catches from the 1960ies from the Southern Ocean allow the reconstruction of temperature for the past 50 years. The sampling site is globally significant as it exhibits the most rapid rate of regional warming. Nina’s project involves a collaboration between Kiel University, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the Alfred-Wegener Institute Bremerhaven and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University.

The scholarship of the Daimler und Benz Foundation provides support for young postdocs of all specialties in their early postdoc career (max. 3 years after PhD). The requirements are that the postdoc has his own area of research and works at a scientific institution in Germany.  Similar to last year, this year's deadline should be expected around the middle of October; information about the call can then be found at:


Nina Keul, keul@gpi.uni-kiel.de