16. October 2013 ICES Merit Award

Rudi Voss of Kiel University , Germany and colleagues Martin F. Quaas, Jörn O. Schmidt, and Christian Möllmann were presented with merit awards for the best poster presentation during the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.


ICES is a global organization for enhanced ocean sustainability and presents a network of more than 4000 scientists from almost 300 institutes, with 1600 scientists participating in activities annually. Over 700 researchers attended the week-long conference and exchanged the latest and thought-provoking marine research with their peers. A total of 18 theme sessions covered a wide range of topics, including integrated ecosystem amanagement, ocean acidification, marine foodwebs, and observation and monitoring programmes. The winning poster was entitled ‘Towards ecological and economical realism – modelling trade‐offs in multispecies fisheries’. The jury stated that it is always challenging to bring the two worlds of economics and ecology together, but who could resist having a closer look if attracted by Fidel to explore the possibilities of the future development of Baltic fish stocks?. The clear layout and the use of symbols and flip books to present the results of a complex model were striking and made it easy for participants to understand the trade-offs faced by decision makers.


Rüdiger Voss, voss@economics.uni-kiel.de