'The Future Ocean' provides a framework of structural but also of financial support options. The Cluster itself funds innovative, interdisciplinary top level scientific projects for postdoctoral researchers in all Cluster disciplines but it is also open to and highly interested in attracting excellent researchers who manage to successfully acquire their own funding. Postdoctoral researchers working in marine sciences in Kiel can profit from additional financial support for attending scientific meetings or to visiting research institutions outside of Kiel to broaden the Cluster's scientific expertise.


Funding opportunities for postdoctoral research projects include:

  • calls for research proposals issued by the cluster
  • other options to fund one’s own position
  • additional financial support, e.g. for travel or science mobility for training

Research activities

Supporting adaptation to sea level rise in Small Island Developing States. A normative investigation of possible criteria and procedures for a fair distribution of adaptation finance
Dr. Christian Baatz, 

The impact of ice sheet melting on the ocean ‐ Reducing uncertainty in projections of future sealevel rise and ocean circulation

Smart and environmentally friendly block copolymer for antifouling applications
Dr. Martina Baum, 

Coastal Blue Carbon Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (BlueS)
Dr. Christine Bertram, 

Vision made easy: Visual information processing in box jellyfish can reveal basic functional units in neural image analysis
Dr. Jan Bielecki, 

DEEP-ALBORAN: Revealing the seismic and tsunamigenic hazard to coastal cities in the western Mediterranean.
Dr. Laura Gomez De la Pena, 

Integrating ocean and climate frameworks: A fundamental challenge for environmental governance
Dr. Bleuenn Guilloux, 

Ocean Hitchhikers: The biogeography and physiology of animal‐aided dispersal and bioinvasions

Social‐Ecological interdependencies in dynamic Coastal zones (Secure‐Coast)
Dr. Animesh Kumar Gain, 

Quantifying uncertainties in ocean models ‐ A systematic approach
Dr. Claudine von Hallern, 

Could Artificial Upwelling Prevent and Mitigate Coral Bleaching?
Dr. Yuming Feng, 

Mechanisms and effects of microplastic ingestion by planktivorous fish
Dr. Nicolas Ory, 

The role of the bacterial microbiome in acclimatization and resilience of reef‐building corals
Dr. Anna Roik, 

A thermo‐chemo‐hydrogeomechanical numerical simulation framework for marine geo‐system applications
Dr. Shubhangi Gupta, 

Rapid off‐shore analysis of marine imagery
Dr. Timm Schoening, 

Resilience of sea turtle populations to pressures from offshore oil activities under variable oceanic conditions: informing a new network of MPAs in Gabon
Dr. Rebecca Scott, 

Impacts of nutrient pollutants on marine productivity, deoxygenation and sedimentary feedbacks in the Anthropocene: From the coastal to the global ocean
Dr. Christopher Somes, 

Of fish and men: Integrated fisheries management solutions to secure sustainable marine food production
Dr. Rüdiger Voss,