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Empowerment of female scientist: small steps – huge impacts

Dr. Monika Clausen

09 October – 10 October 2017
start: 09 October. 09:00 h / end: 10 October 17:00 h

to be announced

Despite the fact that universities implemented actions for women empowerment as early as in the 1970s and that great progress was made on structural issues like day care and improvements on equal payment, the overall success rate of women in science measured as the number of female professors has not changed significantly. Many findings from social scientists point out, that women's success in a career in academia or in industry needs to build on gender awareness and avoiding self-sabotage. Therefore, in this 2 day workshop we will work on:


  • Let's talk career planning: career paths, milestones, assumptions, and hurdles
  • Transport self-confidence: avoiding verbal and nonverbal self-sabotage
  • Decision making: value dilemma in the scientific world
  • Change management: alternatives ways of solving personal issues


  • Participants reflect on their accomplished career and structure up-coming hurdles
  • Participants find alternative behaviors to avoid or reduce self-sabotage actions
  • Participants link their values and career ambitions with possible career paths
  • Participants learn basic structures of social interactions and practice self-enabling


  • Theoretical input, plenum discussion, group and individual exercises
  • Self-presentations and role games

Dr. Monika Clausen has been professionally involved in trainings and coachings for academic and industry partners for more than a decade. One of my passions is the empowerment of women.

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