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Leadership Training

360-Degree-Leadership Skills in Academia-How to lead effectively in all directions

08 June – 09 June 2015
start: 08 June. 11:00 h / end: 09 June 19:00 h

Leibnizstrasse 1, Room 104a

Instructors: Dipl.-Psych. Tanja Hentschel & Dipl. Kfm. Emanuel Schreiner

Course language: English

In this training, we will explore leadership in four directions. You may have some experience leading subordinates (e.g., PhD students), and we will discuss effective leadership styles and challenges. In addition, you are building national and international networks with colleagues and thereby leading on the same level. You have your own goals and lead yourself to achieve those goals and you may try to influence your supervisor, i.e., leading upwards. This so-called 360-degree leadership requires various skills and abilities. The aim of this workshop is to provide you with knowledge about concepts of effective leadership and to guide you in their application to your day-to-day work life.

Your benefit:
You will acquire psychological background knowledge in the area of 360-degree leadership. You will reflect on your own leadership behavior and the factors that may influence your personal leadership style. You will discuss strategies for dealing with challenging situations with regard to 360-degree leadership.

Course activities:
Backed with theoretical input, we will guide you to use the newly gained knowledge in typical work situations and practice its implementation. Together with the instructors, you will discuss specific strategies for developing and shaping collaborations with your supervisor, team members, and colleagues.

Tanja Hentschel and Emanuel Schreiner conduct research at the TUM School of Management (Chair of Research and Science Management). Their research foci are on academic leadership, team work, and human resources. On these topics they give workshops and trainings across Germany.

All members of IMAP (Integrated Marine Postdoc Network) can participate free of charge. Please register with Gesche Braker (

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