Trade Fair Marketing/Mentoring

In Germany the majority of researchers holding a Ph.D. continue their careers outside academia and often personal contacts help starting a career in the private sector. Presenting R & D projects at trade fairs or visiting them offer excellent opportunities for getting into contact with this employment sector. ‘The Future Ocean’ aims at facilitating these contacts.


The Cluster offers two lines of support that are open to all IMAP members:

Trade Fair Marketing
With this program, the Cluster supports presenting self-developed technologies and new application-related scientific results at national and international trade fairs with a strong industry connection.
For details and a list of trade fairs in which ‘The Future Ocean’ participates, please see

Trade Fair Mentoring
With this program, the Cluster offers support for attending trade fairs and organizes guided visits by matching early career scientists with representatives from business and industry.
For details, please see


Wiebke Müller-Lupp Referentin für Wissenstransfer Tel.: +49 431 880-4308