Research in ‘The Future Ocean’ is based upon excellent leaders in marine sciences – both women and men. However, particularly at the higher levels in academia women are still greatly underrepresented. This general imbalance applies to ‘The Future Ocean’, too. To promote women in science the Cluster offers the mentoring programme via:mento_ocean to specifically support the academic careers of female postdoctoral scientists.


The Cluster’s programme is integrated into the via:mento programme of Kiel University ( It offers individual one-on-one mentoring relationships to female postdocs in IMAP, thus integrating women working at all partner institutions of the Cluster. In addition to individual feedback, support and guidance by a mentor, the programme allows for active networking of female postdoctoral scientists. Additional benefits are trainings on key qualifications for a successful academic career – for example leadership and/or communication skills, conflict management and application practice.

The third cycle of via:mento_ocean is running until December 2018. Please see for further information.