Alumni Network

One aim of 'The Future Ocean' is to foster networking among its members but also with international scientists and scholars who were previously conducting research at one of the institutions involved in marine sciences in Kiel, Germany as doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers or at a more advanced career stage before continuing their (academic) careers in other countries. These research alumni are ideal multipliers who can inform junior researchers in their specialist networks about the opportunities and potential – and spark their enthusiasm – for a research stay in Kiel.


The Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation builds on decades of experience in alumni activities and networking and promotes research alumni activities at German universities through its program ‘Research Alumni Strategies’. In 2013, Kiel University was awarded a grant in this program to initiate a research alumni strategy. We are collaborating closely with the AvH Foundation and focusing initially on international early career scientists and research alumni of ‘The Future Ocean’. Our initiative aims at aiding the development of a research alumni strategy to match the options and needs of Kiel University as a whole.

Primary aims of the current research alumni strategy are

  • establishing an alumni database to promote networking among current and former members of the Cluster
  • involving existing/former Cluster members in Cluster activities, in scientific exchange, in recruiting excellent young researchers
  • identifying and training of current international members of the Cluster postdoc network IMAP as potential alumni and ambassadors for ‘The Future Ocean’
  • involving the members of the Future Ocean Scientific Advisory Board and other contacts established through Cluster Capacity Building activities in emerging countries

The funding from the AvH Foundation supports:

  • participation of IMAP alumni in Cluster networking socials at large conferences
  • travel to conferences in their home country for international IMAP members who would like to act as ambassadors for ‘The Future Ocean’
  • travel for IMAP alumni returning to Kiel for conferences, invited presentations or other scientific exchange


Kickoff Meeting for the new Research Alumni Program in Berlin

IMAP Alumni