Enhanced Subbottom Imagery

Offshore activities on the seabed in shallow and deep seas are expected to significantly increase in the future. Offshore construction project planning including cable and pipeline routes and later monitoring of respective foundations require efficient remote sensing techniques to gather detailed information about the surficial seabed.


Within the framework of the marine technology platform MaTeP (Future Ocean) collaboration between science and industry shall be supported. The first joint research project ROSSO got recently funded and is co-ordinated by Dr. Schneider v. Deimling (GEOMAR). Collaboration contracts with the project partners GEOMAR, CAU, and the two offshore companies KONGSBERG Maritime Embient GmbH and Nautik Nord GmbH have been signed.

The aim of the project is to develop an innovative acoustic application for superior survey and monitoring of surficial objects such as cable routes or archaeological settlement residuals. ROSSO’s approach is to break with the doctrine of classical survey techniques of 0° incident angle as being ideal for sub-bottom surveys, and, to develop a very promising alternative application.

Aim of this pilot study is to evaluate a novel approach for acoustic seabed investigations and to gather a first dataset for a general proof of concept.

Ship time was granted already for the planned investigations of this project and all co-operating partners are prepared for first trials at sea.