Current projects:
"Developing a Biofloc Technology System (BFT) using novel temperature isolated tanks"
The project aims to build a novel aquaculture system for a BFT using temperature isolated tanks to evaluate the growth performance of shrimp and the use of biofloc biomass as ingredient for compounded feeds. The project is in line with the efforts to support shrimp aquaculture on the way to sustainable development and to develop methods and instruments for commercial exploitation.
Project manager: Dr. Biniam Samuel-Fitwi

"Development of a laser-based pCO2 sensor for marine use"
Observations of CO2 at the ocean surface on a global scale is necessary to constrain the global CO2 budget that is needed for predicting climate, and to constrain regional carbon emission estimates. Such observations are difficult due to bulky and expensive instruments installed on large vessels regularly calibrated with standard gas. We suggest furthering the development of pCO2 sensors with high accuracy and small drift reducing need for calibration gas. We will adopt a laser-based off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) detection technique for the Ocean Pack pCO2 that has the potential to increase precision and accuracy, while reducing drift of the sensor.
Project manager: Dr. Toste Tanhua

"Process control and online-optimization for microalgae growth in photobioreactors: producing Astaxanthin by the algae Haematococcus pluvialis"
Project manager: Prof. Thomas Meurer

"Development of a Biomonitoring Program for Toxic Chemicals Emitted from Dumped Am-munition in the Baltic Sea"
Project manager: Prof. Edmund Maser

Completed projects:
"Energy-related discourses in the Federal Republic of Germany – Public acceptance and political implementation"
Head of project: Prof. Dirk Nabers

„Marine Mineral Resources Petrophysics Library"
Project manager: Prof. Mark Hannington

„Enhanced Subbottom Imagery"
Project manager: Dr. Jens Schneider von Deimling
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„Development of a novel characterization method of biofouling to perform a large-scale comparative study of antifouling surfaces"
Project manager: Dr. Lars Heepe
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