Joining the ISOS

Doctoral candidates in any discipline of marine sciences in Kiel can take part in our doctoral programme.

In addition to your primary supervisor you choose at least one co-supervisor. Your primary supervisor has to be a person with the faculty permission to supervise doctoral candidates. Co-supervisors may come from the university or from outside (e.g. NGOs, governmental agencies etc.). It can be anyone with a scientific background who is able to contribute to your project.

By applying to participate in the ISOS programme, you and your supervisors enter a supervision agreement that requires two supervisory committee meetings per year.

Please note:

  • The ISOS is not bound to a particular faculty. Rules for graduation differ between faculties; please inform yourself at your faculty.
  • There are different structures at Kiel University and GEOMAR which you may face during your doctorate - do not get confused and find more information here.
  • The Integrated School of Ocean Sciences does not offer scholarships or positions. If you are interested in doing a doctorate in marine sciences in Kiel, you will need to find a position with a senior scientist. A list of senior scientists can be found under Future Ocean Network.