Science Fair Mentoring

ISOS offers a Science Fair Mentoring Programme for doctoral candidates in collaboration with the Department of Technology Transfer of the Excellence Cluster.

List of upcoming Science Fairs



Visiting a commercial, career or scientific fair is often overwhelming. Finding ones way through the large number of offers, meeting the right people and getting the right contacts that you can use later is not always easy. As a “fair” mentee you will have a senior scientist at your side – your mentor – who will share her/his experience, give you insights and introduce you to the right people. It can be particularly enriching when mentor and mentee have different scientific backgrounds.


If you are interested in visiting a fair and would like to avail of a mentor, you may respond to the calls we periodically put out, or alternatively you may ask us to seek a mentor for you from the cluster senior scientists.

List of upcoming Science Fairs


Please fill out the application form to apply for funding to the fair. Please clearly have your supervisor state what proportion of the funding would be available from project funds, and enclose a rough calculation of costs. Please attach a short accompanying letter stating your particular interest in the fair and what you hope to gain from your participation and submit the signed application to