Financial Travel Support for ISOS Candidates

Doctoral candidates registered at the ISOS are entitled to apply for financial support to participate in conferences, workshops, summer schools or for short-term research visits to other institutions.



  • you can only receive ISOS funding if you have submitted the protocols of your supervisory committee meetings each semester
  • contributions to conferences and workshops must be as first author
  • the application needs to be signed by your primary supervisor (the person who takes formal responsibility for your academic supervision within the faculty)

Application deadlines

Application deadlines for financial support from the ISOS are

  • conferences, workshops etc.: deadline for submission of abstracts/application (not the acceptance date) for the event in which you would like to participate
  • research visit: 3 months before start
  • please do not place an application if you missed the deadline

ISOS undertakes a co-financing of up to a maximum of 50% of the costs incurred and does not fund more than one travel grant per person and year.