Course Catalogue

We have a large pool of previous courses that can be repeated on demand. See here a list of all our courses.

If you have any ideas for an event or course, contact us directly , we will develop many of our offers "on demand".


Scientific: Disciplinary Courses

Chemical Oceanography Intro
Ocean governance
Making Sense of Earth System Science
Marine Mineral Resources from the Deep Sea
On-site biotechnology
Physical Oceanography
Resource Economics
Science and Ethics

Scientific: Methods and Tools

Good Scientific Programming
Introduction to Scribus Creative design with open source software
Basics of Professional University Teaching
Data visualization
Digital image editing with Photoshop
Endnote / Mendeley - Tools for Literature Management
ArcGIS for Marine Science Basics
ArcGIS build your own toolbox
Introduction to LaTeX
Hands-on seminar Data Access and Data Publication
Hands-on seminar data management tools
Image Optimization with Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to Scientific Programming
Matlab / Octave
Molecular Dynamics
My data - my publication - my rights?
Ocean Data View
Phyton in ArcGIS
Python for Marine Data Analysis
Scientific Image Analysis with ImageJ
Software Carpentry Bootcamp
Systematic Reviews with Meta-Analysis

Scientific: Statistics and Numerical Skills

Analysis of Univariate Data Sets - First Steps in R
Experimental design
Fortran Intro
Imperfect Models and Coarse Data Discussing Model-Based Inference
Introduction to Numerical Modeling
Multivariate Analysis
Spatial Analysis in R

Career Orientation

Adjusting to a Professional Life outside Academia
Assessment Center for scientists
Career Strategies accompanying the Doctorate
Developing your 'research brand'
Success secrets of applying outside the university
From Doctorate to ...
Perspectives Post PhD: Personal Strategies and the Job Application
Project Management and Leadership


Scientific Writing
Communicate to persuade
Design Basics for Scientific Posters
Movie with your smartphone
Grant Writing for Scientists: How to Write a Successful Proposal
Media Competence
Popular Science Writing
Scientific Presentation
Open Writing Lab
Regular's desk (by ISOS reps)

Personal skills

    Peer coaching
Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks - How to Adopt a Successful PhD candidate
Student or Player? - Different roles in professional life


Taking control of the helmet: communication for female scientists
Empowerment and strategies for female researchers
Reality check: "Can I have it all?"
Young Female Leaders in Science