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ISOS Seminar Series

From Doctorate to... Science Journalism

Dr. Yasmin Appelhans, Freelance Journalist

23 November 2021
15:00 – 16:30 h

Online on ZOOM at

Yasmin Appelhans is a science journalist with a background in marine biology. Since completing her doctorate at GEOMAR in Kiel, she has held many jobs, including being a university lecturer, a translator and a postdoc of science communication. She now works as a freelancer for German public broadcasting stations, newspapers and magazines. She has not lost her love for the oceans.

The "From Doctorate to..." Seminar Series introduces personal stories from scientists who have completed a doctorate and entered a variety of professional fields. Invited speakers reflect on their career path, interests, rewards and challenges. The format consists of a short presentation followed by lots of time for discussion.

No registration required, this is an open event.
Online on ZOOM at


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