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ISOS Course

Online Scientific Writing Workshop

Justin Mullins & Mark Buchanan, Write About Science, London

17 January – 20 January 2022
daily: 09:00 h – 13:00 h

Online, Link will be sent prior to the course

The Scientific Writing Workshop teaches the skills to produce scientific papers of the highest quality, suitable for the world's top journals and conferences. You will learn how to structure your arguments in a way that best explains your ideas to a chosen audience.

The workshop includes the following elements:

• Types of scientific paper and their structures
• The structure of titles and abstracts
• How to express complex ideas in clear, emphatic sentences
• Techniques for constructing arguments
• How high-profile journals, such as Nature and Science, choose the papers they publish
• Editing skills
• Thought-provoking exercises to help anchor the techniques you learn

The workshop also includes a one-to-one feedback session about your writing. Before the workshop, participants will need to complete an abstract writing exercise on which the instructors will provide detailed feedback. This session also allows participants to raise issues specific to their work and discuss any concerns they have about their writing.

Voices from previous participants:
"One of the best ISOS courses I took!"
"It gave me a different perspective on how to start with the paper"
„I believe I can structure a scientific argument properly now."
"This was a superb training for me, especially as I prepare to write first article. It is a must attend workshop for early career researchers."

Venue: Online, Link will be sent prior to the course
ISOS PhDs have priority in our courses.

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Application Deadline is December 20th

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