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Life in the Ocean: Introduction to Ocean Biogeochemistry

Prof. Dr. Ulf Riebesell, GEOMAR

30 January 2019
10:00 – 16:00 h

GEOMAR Westshore, large conference room

Practically all aspects of oceanography – its physics, chemistry and biology – lead up to understanding what humans are most interested in: LIFE!
How do currents, turbulence and ocean chemistry affect organisms? Have you seen the "Dance of the Plankton", a fascinating global phenomenon, choreographed to some simple rules? And why does this matter?

Prof. Ulf Riebesell has devoted his career to understanding what drives ocean biogeochemistry, and how it may be affected by climate change. His open ocean mesocosms and ERC Grant (Ocean artUp) are global novelties, and have generated major insights into the function of ocean ecosystems of the future.

Whichever aspect of the ocean you study, this seminar will give you an integrated understanding of ocean processes, and set the stage for an open and hopefully lively discussion on life in the ocean.

No need to register – just come by.

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