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My Data - My Publication - My Rights?

Barbara Schmidt and Hela Mehrtens, GEOMAR

03 May 2018
09:00 – 12:00 h

small conference room (room 023/024 - GEOMAR west shore)

In this workshop you will get an individual consultation with the GEOMAR librarian, Barbara Schmidt, and the GEOMAR data manager, Hela Mehrtens.

Research data is the lifeblood of the research process. Good Data Management is a prerequisite for being funded, and adds to transparency and reproducability in the research process. Well-Managed Data is easier to use and re-use, ultimately increasing collaboration for researchers and maximum return-on-investment for funders.
We will give a short overview on:
How to exchange data in a project/ working group?
Publication of data: When, where, why and how?
How to cite data?

| Make your publications and data more accessible while staying legal
| Learn about specific legal frameworks of the top journals in
  YOUR field for future publications
| Publication of data: When? Where? Why? How?
| Address questions like "What does it mean to make my data open access?", "How to cite data?"


Voices from previous participants:

"I gained an understanding of different publication systems and my rights within them. The individual consultation for our journals is very useful!"
"Well prepared. The individual info material is enormously helpful!"

ISOS candidates have priority in our courses.
Child care can be provided if we have two weeks advance notice.

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