PhD Retreat

May 21-23, 2014

At the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences PhD candidates are encouraged to network personally outside their own academic field, to think beyond the PhD and to be enthused and inspired by role models who have forged individual career paths.

Discussing common themes in a socially conductive atmosphere – the ISOS PhD retreats are two-day events providing an opportunity for PhD candidates to address a theme of common interest, network with other PhD students and pick up new ideas. Invited experts give input and insights into their fields, and share personal experiences. For these retreats a group PhD-organisers work with the ISOS office to choose the theme and the invited guests.


6th ISOS PhD Retreat

Life after the PhD

How can you impress a potential employer in under a minute and make him or her remember you? This was one central question that the participants had to tackle in this year’s PhD Retreat, “Life after the PhD”, in Travemünde from May 21st to 23rd. The PhD students portrayed themselves and their work in so-called “elevator pitches”. From acting coach Kate Simmons they learned that besides the scientific content body language plays an important role in getting a message across.

In a second program point, the PhD students could ask eight invited guests, with a career in either science, management, industry, teaching or in a government agency, any burning questions about their career choices. Set up in a kind of “speed-dating” scenario in small groups at different tables, many questions about career options inside and outside of academia were answered.

The weather could not have been better; and mingling at the campfire and climbing in the tree crowns at the “Hochseilgarten”, were part of a winning group experience that combined time to get acquainted with serious thinking about “Life after the PhD”.