Jugend forscht 'PerspektivForum' on Maritime Effects of Climate Change

October 2017

In October, Tobias together with PostDocs from GEOMAR organised a workshop for 'Jugend forscht' - Alumni. Here, Tobias gives you an overview on the event.


The "Jugend forscht" foundation annually invites Alumni to a three-day 'PerspektivForum' on current societal topics. Adequately to the Science Year 2016*17 Seas and Oceans, GEOMAR offered to hold this year's event entitled 'Maritime Effects of Climate Change' from Oct 26-28. Besides interesting expert talks by Prof. Latif and Dr. H. Kohl (Head of the WG 'Principle Affairs of (the) Climate Protection (Plan) in the Federal Environment Ministry), two postdocs and I organized a workshop for the Alumni. The 28 participants study various disciplines from Bachelor to Doctoral level. We divided them into three groups which represented communities of interest (Western Developed Countries, Central-African Coastal States & Southeast-Asia). Each group had to capture the anthropogenic causes on ocean change, identify maritime consequences on their community, propose measures towards climate change and present and argue for the results in the final discussion.
It was truly interesting, insightful and exhausting. Despite their wish to dig even deeper into the science, they became aware how divers and complex the ocean and effects of climate change are. The mere scientific level soon mixed with social, political and economic aspects on a global scale, and the discussion eventually got quite emotional.
And that was our core objective: We got ambitious young scientists sensitized about the ocean, and some even left with ocean enthusiasm and sustainable interest.