ISOS Miniproposal

October 2017

For her ISOS Miniproposal Martina collaborated with colleagues from Universitet i Oslo and the University of Wageningen – a collaboration that started with meeting her future colleagues at a Summer Academy. Now, Martina is back and reports on her experiences.


I first met Anna-Marie Winter and Andries Richter at the Moscow Summer Academy on Economic Growth and Governance of Natural Resources in 2015. Anna and I quickly realized that our doctoral research topics fit together like two pieces of a (super interesting) puzzle. We both work on climate change impacts on Atlantic cod. I had experimental data that could be included in her population model. When we were both far enough in our own work, I decided to write an ISOS miniproposal in order to spend time at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis in Oslo. Working with Prof. Stenseth´s group at the CEES had long been a dream of mine, not just because of their outstanding reputation, but also because of their unique combination of expertise in quantitative ecology, economics, fisheries science and long experience with the Northeast Arctic cod stock and Norwegian fisheries. I spent two months in Oslo and a week at the University of Wageningen with Anna and Andries, but also with Mia Eikeset and Nils-Christian Stenseth and others and it was a very successful, fruitful and enjoyable collaboration. I had the opportunity to improve my own understanding of population modelling and get to know many great scientists. Our results are important for the management of this economically very important stock and the paper will be submitted soon.
As important as this, my research stay has turned into a long-term collaboration and many ideas for new projects. I was invited back to Oslo for a project meeting and now we are working on a DFG proposal, so I can hopefully join the group full time for my second PostDoc. I am very grateful to everyone involved and to ISOS for making it financially possible.