Communication and Reach of Climate Science

June 2017

In June the first "Wissenschaftssalon", hosted by the PES Stiftung took place. Rafael was one of the participants and gives you an insight into the meeting.


Communication and reach of climate science - this was one goal of the first 'Wissenschaftssalon' hosted by the PES Stiftung. On June 15th politicians, scientists, businessmen, students and pupils all around northern Germany met at the river Schlei to discuss the relationship between humanity and the ocean. Inspired by a talk from Prof. Mojib Latif a very lively discussion started with focus on the pollution induced by humans, what possible actions could be undertaken to reduce and reverse the pollution and most importantly how to encourage people to take action. One particular problem is of course the communication and how to reach people. The meeting is thought to lead into a working group that fosters the proposed ideas and will be further supported by the PES Stiftung.
In a nutshell, the meeting drew once again attention to the very crucial role of communication and reach of science - but also how difficult it sometimes can be.