Victor Smetacek visited Kiel

May 2017

In May 2017, Prof. em. Victor Smetacek spend 1 1/2 days in Kiel for a full-day workshop and a BIG Question lecture.


Prof. em. Victor Smetacek (AWI Bremerhaven) is one of the big thinkers in ocean sciences and visited Kiel for 1 ½ days in May. During two events he drew a big picture on Earth System Science and new ways of thinking in ocean sciences and inspired the audiences with his talks. During both events, he encouraged scientists to risk more when it comes to technological renewals – a controversial point which was highly discussed by the audience.

More than 40 master students, doctoral candidates and PostDocs, took the opportunity to attend the one-day workshop and got a whole picture on how processes in earth system sciences link together and, beyond that, how evolution connects to the theory of "making sense".
The participants highly valued the holistic view and how he gave „a captivating insight into different but connected areas of research".

During the Big Question-talk Victor Smetacek discussed with more than 70 participants - Master students to Professors - his views on ongoing technological advances and open ocean "aquafarming".