October 2009

Katja Lindhorst reports about her miniproposal.


BLOSSOM - Bathymetry at Lake Ohrid for Subaquatic Slide Overview Mapping

Katja Lindhorst , ISOS PhD, GEOMAR

Compared to the oceans, the dimensions of Lake Ohrid are more like a bath tub. But its small scale makes it a useful model for studying geological processes of interest in larger dimensions. Katja Lindhorst started her PhD project within the group of Professor Sebastian Krastel with the goal of processing and interpreting geophysical and geological data from the Lake Ohrid. Her PhD aims at reconstructing the lake’s sedimentary history, analysing tectonic morphology and selecting suitable locations for an imminent drilling campaign. A well-defined PhD project. 

But Katja was captivated by further questions. Her preliminary results showed that the lake exhibited additional interesting features such as large mass movement deposits. A Bachelors thesis that she co-supervised revealed that such slide deposits covering wide areas can be found everywhere within the lake. She was interested in gaining a better understanding of such massive failure events that have been described not only in lakes but along continental margins as well.

Looking at the existing echo sounder data she recognised that their lateral resolution was too limited to study the inner slide structure in more detail; she would need to take a closer look by using a multibeam device.

Read more of her final report.
Still available: The blog on the work at Lake Ohrid.