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Structures for doctoral candidates in marine sciences in Kiel

During your doctorate you (may) come upon different structures at Kiel University and GEOMAR. Find here an overview and see who you can contact in case you need some assistance.


ISOS: Your one-stop-shop for all questions and consultation during your doctorate in marine sciences – contact us directly if you have any questions.

ISOS Supervisory Committee Meetings: Your platform to address and discuss with your supervisors the progress of your thesis and issues you may have; ISOS also offers to participate in these meetings if invited.

Persons of trust/Ombudspeople: Even with the best of intentions, conflicts may arise. The Omudspeople can offer external advise or mediation in conflict situations with your supervisors. Further, they can give advice on Good Scientific Practice. At the Graduate Center (Kiel University) and GEOMAR people are elected for this duty.

Doctoral Representatives: Representatives organise regular informative and social events and represent the community of doctoral candidates. Contact the ISOS Representatives and the GEOMAR Dokteam if you have suggestions and ideas.





Graduate Center at Kiel University: Here you get supplementary support when it comes to general questions concerning the doctorate at Kiel University, travel money or financial support. If you will obtain your degree at Kiel University you are eligible to register.

Faculty: They help you with questions concerning the rules you need to follow for obtaining your degree. You should register yourself there at the start of your doctorate.

International Center at Kiel University: Support for international doctoral candidates with e.g. insurances, housing, visa, etc.