Summer School "Coastal hazards"

5 day course in Kiel and Büsum

Within the framework of the Future Ocean’s Semester Topic “Dangerous Ocean”, a weeklong summer school will take place in Kiel for PhD students and Postdocs . The summer school will take place from 16th to 20th of September a week before the International Symposium on Submarine Mass Movement and their Consequences (ISSMMTC6) which will also take place in Kiel. Thus summer school participants can also visit the conference and distinguished lecturers from the field of submarine landslides can be invited to speak at the summer school.


Dramatic events from the recent past, such as the Sumatra Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan 2011, have shown that the ocean holds diverse and concrete threats to densely populated coastal zones. The reconstruction of different past-, catastrophic events using geological and geophysical methods confirms the scientists’ perception that coastal zones have always been high-risk settlement areas.

The summer school “Coastal hazards” aims to provide insights into modern strategies and scientific techniques. The five day course will be shaped by various international lecturers with acknowledged
expertise in their field. The course is comprised of lectures and practical work in the laboratory and in the field. In addition participants will report about their current work.

The course is aimed attowards PhD students and young Postdocs from Kiel and Germany as well as from abroad. There are no summer school fees. The Cluster will sponsor the accomodation for all participants from outside Kiel (Germany). However travel costs must be covered by the participants. Grants for students might be possible, depending on the situation (see Sponsorships for the Summer School).

16th September / 9.00–17.00
Risk Assessment for Storm Surges
Andreas Kortenhaus,
Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources,
TU Braunschweig

17th September / 9.00–17.00
Field trip: North Sea, FTZ, Büsum
Introduction in Coastal Protection
Roberto Mayerle,
Research and Technology Centre [FTZ]

18th September / 8.30–17.00
Field Trip: Baltic Sea, Kiel – Heiligenhafen
Introduction in Risk asessement
Karl Stattegger
Institute of Geosciences, CAU

19th September / 9.00–17.00
Deltas: Holocene Evolution, Recent Changes and Human Impacts
Yoshiki Saito,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology [AIST], Japan

20th September / 9.00–17.00
Morphodynamics and Subsidence of Deltas – Observations and Modeling
James Syvitski,
University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Social Events
16th September / 19:00 Ice-Breaker
Forstbaumschule, Düvelsbeker Weg 46, Kiel

17th September / 19:00 Public Lecture
Zoological Museum Kiel
Mike Orbach,
Duke University Marine Laboratory, North Carolina, USA

Programme (pdf)

Places are limited, so registration is required and is binding.
Please send a letter of motivation and a brief CV (pdf-file) to

Registration Deadline
1st August 2013
Participation is free of charge

Contact and registration:

David Völker