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Do Spiral Vortices and Bacteria Limit Methane in Sea Water?

21. September 2016

Poseidon Expedition ended successfully

For more than 25 years, marine science has been investigating a gas field in the northern North Sea about 200 kilometers off of Scotland. A gas blowout occurred following an oil test drilling. Since then large …

Phantom Habitats in the Deep-Sea

28. July 2016

International group of researchers identifies connections between ecosystems at “black smokers”

Deep-sea hot springs, or hydrothermal vents, provide habitats for specialized communities of animal species. As these systems are often separated by …

From Knowledge about the Ocean to Sustainable Solutions

13. April 2016

Internationally renowned marine scientists provide a knowledge base in a new online course

More than two thirds of our planet is covered with water. The ocean thus plays a decisive role in the human experience. The climate system of the Earth is …

Face to Face with Black Smokers in the Deep Sea

21. March 2016


With the latest 3D camera equipment a team of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel will study a hydrothermal field on the sea floor of the West Pacific in the …

Gold from Hot Seawater

17. February 2016

Marine scientists found extremely high concentrations of precious metal in geothermal systems on Iceland

In geothermal systems on Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula, a team of marine scientists has discovered extremely high concentrations of gold. This is …

Monitoring the recovery of deep-sea ecosystems from human impact

23. November 2015

Expeditions to study ecological consequences of deep-sea mining completed

What would be the ecological consequences of future mining for polymetallic nodules in the deep sea? Can deep-sea mineral resources be sustainably managed, and how long would …

With “MARTEMIS“on the Scent of Ores

13. November 2015

GEOMAR researchers present new exploration techniques

Hydrothermal systems, also known as “black smokers”, are both interesting due to their their deposits of raw material as well as for understanding geological processes in the sea floor. But …

Fascinating photo mosaic from the seafloor in 4000 m depth

15. September 2015

Expedition to manganese nodule fields in the eastern Pacific successfully concluded

What will be the ecological consequences of mining manganese nodules in the deep sea? The joint European project “Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining” wants to …

Discovery of a large hot vent site in the Gulf of California

29. July 2015

Fascinating results of cruise SO241 with Germany’s new research vessel SONNE

Germany’s new deep-sea research vessel SONNE is currently sailing in the Gulf of California in the search for carbon release related to volcanic systems. Now the …

Back in the Fjord

11. May 2015

Kiel marine scientists investigate responses of the plankton community to ocean acidification in a field experiment off Norway

In a new experiment with the KOSMOS mesocosms, scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel address key …