News on the topic of sustainable fisheries

Kiel Summer School on Sustainable Fisheries

05. September 2012

From 3rd to 5th September more than 20 young European researchers are meeting to discuss new economic concepts for sustainable fisheries. …

What a Piece of Work is a Fish: Noble, Sustainable and Fruitful

06. June 2012

1.5 Million Euro Funding for a Joint Project on Aquaculture in Kiel

The new research project on aquaculture by scientists from the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel (CAU) comprises eleven sub-projects. …

“The Future Ocean” on the Museum Ship MS Wissenschaft 2012 – a Greater Understanding of Sustainability

30. May 2012

This year an entire city will be floating through rivers and canals – with exhibits by the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”

Starting on the 30th of May, the museum ship MS Wissenschaft, sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and …

World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh

23. May 2012

More than 1000 scientists from all continents of the world came together from the 7th to the 11th of May for the World Fisheries Congress (WFC) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The congress was organized by the World Council of Fisheries Societies and it is …

Overfished But Still on the Plate

17. April 2012

Nearly 30 percent of the fish products with the MSC or FOS certification come from overfished stocks.

Three quarters of the marine fish stocks worldwide are regarded as overfished or used to sustainability limits. Numerous fish stocks have even …

Healthy Fish and a Network for Aquaculture

10. April 2012

Ministry of Economic Affairs Promotes Research in Aquaculture

Two new projects in aquaculture are being supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs with a sum total of 950,000 Euros within the framework of the Guidelines for Granting Subsidies for …

Marine Biologists Question UN Data Set on Fishery

26. March 2012

Researchers suspect that a quarter of the stocks may have already collapsed

A non-representative data set and an increase in effort to keep catches constant are hiding the fact that more fish stocks have collapsed due to overfishing than has been …

Competition: „Who fishes more sustainably?“

27. October 2011

On 25th and 26th October the European Parliament in Strassbourg was home to a special event. In breaks between the meetings, delegates gathered around the game table ecoOcean of the Future Ocean Cluster. …

Future Ocean expert invited by Dutch Parliament to provide information regarding fishery policy

29. September 2011

Marine Biologist Rainer Froese, of IFM-GEOMAR and member of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean", followed an invitation by two Dutch parties to come to the Parliament in Le Hague and provide information as an international …

Deep sea fisheries at a glance

17. September 2011

The implemantation of the UN resolution on the impact of bottom fishing on deep sea vulnerable habitats and long term sustainability of deep sea fish stocks was the topic of a UN Workshop on Spetember 15th and 16th in New York. …