News on the topic of sustainable fisheries


Scientists from Kiel warn against the Collapse of the Cod Stock in the Western Baltic Sea

06. December 2016


Experts from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean"from the areas …

Siamese Twins in Pipefish

22. June 2016

GEOMAR researchers discover two pairs in one experiment

Scientists at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel have made a very unusual discovery. During a scientific experiment with pipefish they discovered two Siamese twin pairs. Such …

Scientists from Kiel Use Official Stock Estimations for the Assessment of Fish Stocks

26. May 2016

In a current study, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” assessed the reliability of the MSC seal for Northern European fish stocks. The interdisciplinary study, which was published in the journal Marine Policy, was …

Blue Seal for Fish Products from Overfished Stocks Undermines the Credibility of the MSC

24. May 2016

New interdisciplinary study points out the limits of MSC-certification of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic

Many European fish stocks are said to be overfished or threatened by overfishing. The blue MSC seal on fish products is supposed to …

From Knowledge about the Ocean to Sustainable Solutions

13. April 2016

Internationally renowned marine scientists provide a knowledge base in a new online course

More than two thirds of our planet is covered with water. The ocean thus plays a decisive role in the human experience. The climate system of the Earth is …

Economic Development Drives World-Wide Overfishing

08. September 2015

Kiel researchers have demonstrated: Only sustainable management can prevent the future collapse of wild stocks; an expansion of aquaculture has only a limited effect.

Stocks of wild fish cannot be protected from overfishing in the long term by the …

Exceptionally rapid onset of coastal upwelling offshore Peru

27. July 2015

Kiel marine scientists find significant changes in the eastern Pacific during the past 10,000 years

The coastal upwelling of cold and nutrient-rich waters off Peru and Ecuador is significant not only for the regional fishing industry, but also for …

Vampire Squid: The first Time is not the last Time

20. April 2015

New study in Current Biology shows multiple reproductive cycles of deep-sea squid

Coleoid cephalopods are thought to reproduce only once at the end of their lifespan. But biologists from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel together …

When Science Meets Everyday Life

24. January 2013

In the Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean, an interdisciplinary team of experts is researching sustainable fisheries management. The results are of particular interest for politics. …

Limiting Catches Results in Great Economic Benefits

12. September 2012

Kiel Economists and Fisheries Biologists Develop a New Concept for the Common Evaluation of 13 Commercially Fully Utilized European Fish Species

More than two thirds of all fish stocks worldwide are considered overfished or utilized to the …