Ocean Education: Elective Modules of the summer semester 2018

The Cluster of Excellence „Future Ocean" promotes an interdisciplinary approach to marine science education and provides a growing number of elective modules on current marine and environmental topics for interested Master students of Kiel University. One key objective is to enhance inter- and increasingly transdisciplinary learning and knowledge exchange in class and to encourage marine scientific work beyond disciplinary boundaries.


To this end, the Cluster project 'Ocean Education' compiled a catalogue of ocean science elective modules, provided and taught by the faculties of Kiel University and associated institutes such as GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research. Students can choose modules that are best fit for their specific interests and career goals. For example, a student in a marine science program may be interested in learning about the international law of the sea or the fundamentals in environmental ethics; a Law student may be interested in geological and biological marine resources; a student in a social science program may be interested in oceanographic and ethics challenges of global climate change and sustainable development.

The catalogue will be expanded and renewed continuously. In most modules, students enrolled in Master programs can earn credit points for the optional component of their curriculum. Current modules on offer and further information can be found here (Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen of Kiel University).

In the summer term 2018, the following ocean science elective modules will be on offer for Master students of all faculties:

Natural sciences
Mechanisms of biomineralization
New Aspects of Meteorology & Oceanography: Carbon cycling in a changing climate
Element cycles in the ocean
Marine Population Genomics II
Ocean Sustainability
Advanced Course in Polar Ecology
New Developments in Marine Microbiology I
Biogeochemistry of Marine Sediments I

Agricultural und Food Sciences
Lebensmittel und Biowirkstoffe aus dem Meer
Haltung und Aufzucht aquatischer Organismen

Klimaethik: Anpassung, Migration, Flucht
Philosophie und Ethik der Umwelt

Economics and Social Sciences
Issues of Sustainability

International Law of the Sea

PerLe - cross-disciplinary
Professional orientation for biology and marine science students