MSc Degree Programmes


Kiel University, in close cooperation with GEOMAR, offers three international master's degree programmes in the marine and climate sciences.


There is also one geophysics programme in German with the option of a marine focus.

These degree programmes provide sound scientific expertise in geology, biology, chemistry, physics, and meteorology. Our goal is to give students with a keen interest in the natural sciences a state-of-the-art education. Students acquire fundamental knowledge about ocean systems and processes in lectures and seminars and do hands-on experimental work in practical laboratory courses and on sea-going and land-based research expeditions. They learn the essential steps of scientific work by collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting research data on their own.

In the future: Interdisciplinary training in the "Master School of Ocean Science"
Building upon the existing master's programmes, the educational programmes will be expanded in the coming years to give as many students as possible access to interdisciplinary knowledge about the ocean. The Cluster of Excellence, to this end, is creating the "Master School of Ocean Science", in which existing educational programmes will be expanded and new ones will be developed.