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Christoph Petereit

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Research area

  • Aquakultur: environmetal and economical improvments in mariculture
  • Research unit "Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fishes"


My current project deals with the development and implementation of the sea trout Parr Habitat Index in Schleswig-Holstein (SH) based on monitoring activities in small streams and rivers flowing to the Baltic Sea. Sea trout are anadromous fish species of ecological and economical importance and populations are supported through stocking and release activities since decades in SH. In combination with first population genetic analyzes of this species from this area, this project will provide knowledge to improve the local and regional management of this fish.

My second research interests are climate related interactions between habitat modifications and local adaptations in shelf Sea fish communities and in particular in the Baltic Sea. This topic covers the “classical” marine fish like cod, sprat, herring, flatfish, but in addition guest species or new invading species like mackerel, anchovy and grey mullets and anadromous fish as salmonides, which spend considerable times of their life cycles in freshwater environments.

I am also interested in applied, inter- and multidisciplinary research project targeting important issues in Aquaculture and Mariculture. One example is the development of multitrophic, zero discharge systems using new native candidate species like thick lip-mullets in combination with mussels and algae.


Tel.: +49 431 600-4567