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Juan Carlos Molinero

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel


My research interests are broadly on the ecology of pelagic ecosystems, ranging from individuals to food web structure and ecosystem function. I employ complementary approaches, i.e. field and laboratory work, data analysis and modeling to investigate general questions in plankton ecology: (i) zooplankton life histories (i.e. trade-offs, reaction norms, demography in changing environments); (ii) extinction, recovery and invasion processes in pelagic ecosystems; (iii) synergies between climate forces and human disturbances (i.e. fishing pressure, pollution) and their consequences on plankton production and pelagic food webs. Also, I am particularly interested in across system analyses, non-linear dynamics of biological systems, disturbance ecology and general laws in ecosystem functioning.


Tel.: +49 431 600-4004