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Folkmar Hauff

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel


Isotope geochemistry to solve problems in igneous petrology
Genesis of Large Igneous Provinces, e.g. Caribbean, Manihiki, Hikurangi
Plume-Ridge Interaction, e.g. Iceland, Galápagos, South-Atlantic
Hotspot related intraplate volcanism, e.g. Walvis, Canary Islands
Non-hotspot related intraplate volcanism, e.g. Christmas Island Seamount Province NE Indian Ocean, Marie Byrd Seamounts West-Antarctica
Alteration of ocean crust, e.g. Site 1256, ODP Leg 187, Site 1149 & 801
Initiation and evolution of oceanic arcs, e.g. Tonga-Kermadec, Aleutians
Time scales of magmatic processes, e.g. melt differentiation in the Canary Islands and Iceland, mantle upwelling rates at Iceland, the Galápagos plume-ridge system and beneath mid-ocean ridge segments in the South Atlantik
Improvements in isotope ratio analysis and element extraction and purification techniques


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