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Jan Dierking

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Research area

  • Research unit "Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fishes"


I am interested in the ecology and evolution of marine organisms, and in particular fishes. My project “Local and global patterns in fisheries-induced evolution”, funded by the Future Ocean Cluster of Excellence Research topic “Ocean Resources”, aims to elucidate two little explored but potentially very important aspects of fisheries induced evolution (FIE). They are (1) the role of environmental selection relative to fishing induced selection using the example of Baltic cod, and (2) the global (economic) consequences of FIE. In this context, FIE refers to (genetically based) shifts towards earlier reproduction and smaller size caused by “fishing out the big ones” and increased mortality rates from fishing. Such trends have now been observed in many fish stocks, and provide some of the best examples of rapid evolution within just a few generations.
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Research activities

Local and global patterns in fisheries-induced evolution