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Bleuenn Guilloux

Kiel University (CAU)
Walther-Schücking-Institute for International Law


Postdoc project CP1776- Bleuenn Gaëlle GUILLOUX
The question is whether ocean and climate legal frameworks will be able to face urgent environmental pressures posed by climate change on the ocean and to showcase the ocean as a climate regulator is a fundamental challenge for future environmental governance. My postdoctoral project recognizes a multifaceted research context, in which law still remains isolated from other scientific disciplines and fragmented into specific frameworks. On this basis, my research intends to investigate, based on a transversal approach and case studies, how ocean framework must evolve together with climate framework into a more integrative governance, with the main objectives to face environmental pressures and to build both ocean and climate resilience.


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Research activities

Integrating ocean and climate frameworks: A fundamental challenge for environmental governance