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Elodie Lebas

Kiel University (CAU)
Institute of Geosciences


My research interest focuses on gas hydrate systems in marine sediments at continental margins. I am particularly interested in understanding the role played by the plate tectonics on the formation and dissociation of gas hydrates. Currently, I am working on seismic datasets (OBS and P-Cable data) that have been collected in the passive and active margins offshore SW Taiwan. The P-Cable data enable identification of gas hydrates occurrence in the two working areas while the OBS data allow elaboration of seismic velocity models, which supply information on the nature of material encountered in the areas as well as on the presence (or not) of gas hydrates and free gas. In parallel, I am also working on the reconstruction of the evolution of volcanic islands (growth and instabilities events) through seismostratigraphy and marine tephrochronological studies.


Tel.: +49 431 880-2113