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Marian Hu

Kiel University (CAU)
Institute of Physiology


My Future Ocean will investigate physiological processes in marine larval stages of marine invertebrates (e.g. sea urchins, sea stars, mussels and oysters etc.) that were identified as particularly sensitive in the context of environmental change. Special interest will be dedicated to pH regulatory systems in marine organisms that are particularly challenged by natural fluctuations in seawater pH and by ocean acidification.
This project will on one hand establish novel approaches to study physiological processes in marine organisms that are smaller than half a millimeter, and on the other hand will promote larval physiology, a research field that is still under represented in the current research landscape.
The findings of this project will be highly relevant to the climate change community, as the identification of unifying physiological processes that determine the sensitivity of marine organisms are urgently needed to make large scale predictions regarding species´ survival in future oceans.


Tel.: +49 431 880-2048

Research activities

From genes to holobiont: identifying unifying physiological processes that determine sensitivities in times of climate change

Understanding physiological processes to improve animal welfare and production capacity of shrimp aquaculture systems in Schleswig-Holstein