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Renato Salvatteci

Kiel University (CAU)
Institute of Geosciences


In my postdoctoral project, funded by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, I aim at providing insights about the relation between climate change and marine productivity in the highly productive Peruvian upwelling ecosystem. Specifically, I reconstruct sea surface temperatures, oxygen minimum zone intensity, dinoflagellate abundance, and fish biomass variability during the last interglacial (MIS5e, 130 to 116 kyr BP). For this purpose I use organic biomarkers, redox sensitive metals, and fish remains preserved in a finely laminated sediment record. The results will provide urgently needed information about fish stock fluctuations in response to long-term changes in oxygenation of intermediate waters and water column stratification; both of them have strong impacts on fish populations and are currently changing due to global warming.


Tel.: +49 431-880-3789