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Nancy Weiland-Bräuer

Kiel University (CAU)
Institute of General Microbiology


Quorum quenching as novel tool for biofilm inhibition
Cell density-dependent communication of bacteria with small signalling molecules (quorum sensing, QS) plays a major role in biofilm formation. By interfering this communication biofilm formation can be adversely affected. Naturally occurring anti-quorum sensing (quorum quenching, QQ) biomolecules were identified, characterized and analyzed in vivo and in vitro using model systems for biofilm formation to estimate their biofilm inhibiting potential and biotechnological use.

Host-microbe interactions using Aurelia aurita as model
Marine animals are hosts to a variety of often specific microorganisms with still unknown and probably new physiological characteristics. Microbial consortia on marine multicellular organisms are thus attractive model systems to understand the complex interplay between microbes and their host cells. The common moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita is a highly distributed cnidarian species with a worldwide distribution in neritic waters and a characteristic diploblastic organization. These tissues act as barriers where a lot of interactions take place and make this animal a model organism to study host-microbe interactions, including interactions with multiple pathogens, which may lead to understand human barrier diseases.


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Research activities

The microbiome of Aurelia aurita, friends or foes – coevolved?