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Yvonne Sawall

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)


I investigate marine invertebrate - environment interactions. The ability of organisms to adjust (genetically or metabolically) to their environmental is interesting, in particular, with respect to Global Change. Therefore, I investigate mechanisms of adjustment in organisms which live in “natural laboratories”, regions featuring conditions which are predicted to occur in other regions in consequence of Global Change. With the “Jeddah Transect” project (2010-2013), I investigated the adjusting mechanisms of corals to the strong gradients in temperature (21-33°C) and nutrients in the Red Sea over 12 latitudes. Follow-up projects are planned. Furthermore, I study benthic ecosystems and their changes in diversity, structure and dynamics in consequence of environmental changes. Currently, I am involved in projects within the working group ‘benthic ecology’ and investigate the interaction between epibiotic calcifying organisms (e.g. bryozoans) and their substrate, the macrophytes (algae and sea grass), under different temperature and pH scenarios.


Tel.: +1 (441) 297 1880-134