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Biniam Samuel-Fitwi

GMA Association for marine aquaculture Ltd


My research deals with the sustainable production of seafood, which includes both production from fisheries and aquaculture. In order to investigate the impact assessment of seafood production, we utilize life cycle assessment (LCA) method. The focus of this study will be to propose a new set of potential indexes for fisheries and aquacultural LCA. The major specific environmental concerns in fishery are overfishing and the destruction and/or disturbance of natural habitats, namely discards, by-catch, undersize catch, idle and ghost fishing gear, marine pollution and seafloor disturbance impacts; and impact categories specific to aquaculture include spread of disease, overexploitation of wild fish, escapees and use of antibiotics and aquatic medicines. In addition, my research will investigate and compare the environmental impacts of fisheries and aquaculture using some selected species consumed in Germany, and develops new insights into modeling and assessment of alternative fisheries and aquaculture processes at different production stages for sustainable development.


Tel.: +49 4834 965 399 18