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Mahasweta Saha

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel


I am a marine chemical ecologist and am keenly interested in studying the underpinning ecological roles of marine natural products. I have a particular interest in investigating the defensive roles of such compounds. In my current post-doc project entitled "Adaptation and co-evolution of fouling resistance: the drivers of algal invasion success?" I intend to investigate the possible evolutionary mechanisms responsible for successful invasion of non-native macroalgal species. My ongoing work involves the question - whether invasive algal species are better chemically defended against bacterial colonisers in their introduced range in comparison to their native range. And if so, whether an evolution of their chemical defence is responsible for such an observation?


Tel.: +49 431 600 4523

Research activities

The drivers of algal invasion success: adaptation and co-evolution of resistance towards foulers?