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Jie Song

Curetis GmbH


In the ocean there are different species of predatory marine snails of the superfamily Conoidea. During the evolution Conoidea have obtained capability to produce high effective and specific peptide-rich venoms and use these venoms to capture their prey. It is known, that most of these venoms are targeted selectively to ion channels. However, only a very small part of these peptides is identified so far and the pharmacological profile of most of them is still elusive. My project focuses on such new peptides from Conoidea and their interactions with different ion channels, especially potassium channels. The potential applications of conoidean peptides for the treatment of patients suffering from neurological disease, diabetes mellitus and pain will be in in vitro (neurons, β-cells and heart cells) systems tested.


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Research activities

Conoidean Peptides - Novel ion channel-targeted peptides from the ocean